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Education and Awareness

Harnessing our love of music to help protect endangered trees.

JustMusic’s education for sustainable development (ESD) programme harnesses our love of music as a great social vehicle to promote the conservation of threatened and endangered trees and their habitats, in particular those used in the making of our beloved musical instruments.

School �Programme
Music and sustainability
Just Forests use methods of development education (DE) and education�

for sustainable development (ESD) to engage schools in education for change. Our very popular Wood of Life exhibition has been seen by thousands of school pupils over the years and today remains a very practical, hands-on method of learning about sustainability. All our materials and workshops proved extremely popular with teachers and children alike.

JustMusic will be another very practical, hands-on programme of learning that schools can engage with through the medium of music.
Through the JustMusic project schools will be able to:
• explore the issues of sustainability and responsible use of natural materials
• take the production of musical instruments from wood as an example and using music as a vehicle to convey key messages
• organise and attended workshops on the links between music and the environment
• write and perform new works inspires by the JustMusic project

Since our inception, Just Forests, have always insisted that good forest stewardship is inseparable from sustainable development, and if we fail to take it into account we risk undoing all the positive work being carried out by national and international development agencies and governments to reduce poverty and combat climate change.

School Concerts
Highlighting improtant issues through our love of music.

An estimated 200 different species of trees are used to make musical instruments. Ebonies, rosewoods and mahoganies have been valued for centuries for their resonance and beauty. But now, at least 70 of these species are in serious decline and are threatened with extinction in the wild.

Timber species decline is not just a third world issue. The fear that the majestic Sitka Spruce of Alaska-the main species for numerous musical instrument soundboards- could be gone in six years has prompted Gibson Guitars, Martin Guitars and Baldwin Pianos to join forces with Greenpeace to act.

To draw attention to these issues, Just Forests is organising a series of 'Sound of Wood' concerts for schools commencing in 2011 the Un-designated International Year of Forests. We want musical pupils to reflect this present-day tragedy in their music and inspire Irish music-lovers into action to address this problem of global importance.

�You will find it a most enjoyable way of learning about global issues and how you can make real change. So, if your school would like to take part please contact us. Email: info (at) justforests.org

STOP PRESS STOP PRESS The Chieftains and FRIENDS will played at our 'Sound of Wood' Concert, on Wednesday 24th November 2010, in the Tullamore Court Hotel. It was an unforgettable evening of sheer musical delight.

For more on this very successful concert click here...

Music as education
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