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Musicians must take a stand

Many of the world’s tonewood species have been pushed to the brink of extinction by illegal logging. Musicians need to be responsible stewards of the world’s forests, both for their own sake and to ensure that future generations of musicians have access to these materials.

28th August 2012


The US Lacey Act is an important tool in this effort – it bans import of illegally logged wood and other forest products, helping ensure that no musician has to worry that his or her guitar, violin, or any other instrument is made from wood that is illegally harvested.

According to a recent report by Chatham House, the Lacey Act is succeeding – helping reduce illegal logging by 22 percent around the world.

But huge industry forces – both US and international – are working hard together with their Washington lobbyists to attack the Lacey Act’s forest protections.

These companies want to continue to convert rainforests into pulp and paper and other products and still have access to the giant US market for products made from irresponsible and illegal practices.

Help ensure a future for forests and music by standing up against efforts to weaken the Lacey Act and other forest protections by calling on the music industry and Congress to protect our forests and ensure a future for great music.

Sign the petition against downgrading the Lacey Act which aims to combat the illegal trade in timber


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